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To gently initiate this recovery process, I have drawn heavily from my personal growth journey and counselling experience, which was strongly influenced by Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetics, “A Course In Miracles,” The Twelve Step Program, Eckhart Tolle and Joel Goldsmith .

I have housed this process within the non threatening framework of a “Performance Improvement” workshop, with the knowing that all power, peace, health, positive change and freedom from any fear-based destructive coping choice flows NATURALLY from our ability to reconnect with the zone of our “Energy Source,” a loss which resulted in all our pain, fear and addictions here.

The simple, experiential exercises I use in this workshop have been carefully chosen to help individuals begin to recover from their dream of separation and fear and reconnect with the “UNIVERSAL CREATIVE ENERGY” within. This workshop was designed to help participants EXPERIENCE this Energy Zone, not to believe or understand it.

David Ott, M.Ed.**********************************************Peak Recovery.Com
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The underlying goal of this program is to help individuals RECOVER their zone of infinite power and peace, beneath the clouds of the fear-based ego, the destructive coping choices of the mind-body-emotion or ego self.