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The Zone
To recover our inner peace and power, we need to give up our sedations, distractions and other destructive coping choices. Then, move back into contact with our emotional and physical bodies to feel and heal the pain and fear stored there. Much like a birth, transition into and through this uncharted ocean of pain and fear is often overwhelming and threatening.
The aim of this program is to teach and practice the navigation and survival skills necessary to voyage more confidently through this uncharted ocean of pain & fear to an unknown, “New World” of “Inner Peace, Power and Joy.”
In this program, participants will learn and practice skills in: 1. Grounding, 2. Here and Now Sensory Awareness, 3. Inner Body Awareness, 4. Muscle Relaxation, 5. Relaxation Breathing, 6. Healing Emotional Pain and Fear, 7. Quieting the Mind by Stilling Thoughts, 8. Mobilizing Energy through ego surrender, 9. Creating Winning Thoughts, 10. Achieving Goals, 11 Deep Relaxation or Zone Training, 12. Healing Visualization.

Each one of these skills will prepare and strengthen an individual’s ability to transition successfully through the two phases of full, Peak Recovery.

David Ott, M.Ed.