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Peak Recovery: The Zone
At the highest level of human achievement, in any field, sport, music, academic or art, we reach a state of being beyond and free from effort, understanding and conscious control. It is a state of intuitive knowing, effortless power and universal flow that we call being, “In The Zone.”

This seems to be a higher state of consciousness where our thoughts, words and actions flow from a more wise, knowing and evolved part of ourselves. In this state, we need only get out of our own way and allow these more perfect thoughts, words and actions flow through us. The “Great Ones” in all fields, like Gretzky, Einstein, and Jordan all had gifts, learned well how to focus and then, step aside to allow their most powerful and creative expression.

The "Zone” experience is a gift we gain after hours of focus, practice, and mastery in our field and finally, the ability to give up conscious control of its expression. The Great Ones, the Masters, are those who have learned the teachings, lessons and skills of their field well enough to step aside and let their intuitive knowing, well-learned knowledge and well-trained reflexes respond to present performance demands. What results is the perfect shot, the picture play, the greatest goal, the sweetest song, the wisest truth, the most creative discovery.

Learning to give up conscious control is like learning to give up pain and fear, an ongoing process of practice, trust, surrender and success. First, we learn to focus, and our skill; then to breathe and give up tension; finally trust, and to “Let Go!”

Learning these skills is the goal of this "Peak Recovery" workshop. Appearing simple, they are often deceptively difficult, and yet, essential for “Peak Recovery and Performance” in any field.

The "Zone" (Deep Relaxation) exercise and "Breathing Meditation," both attached as mp3 audio files, are simple "Guided Meditations" to ease you through the clouds of fear-based ego, the layers of your mind, body, emotion self, into the zone of creative, healing-energy within, that is your "Authentic Self." Our ego mind has no ability to connect with this "Zone" and has assured us that beneath the level of the mind, body, emotion self lies death.

Through a process of breath awareness, mental focus, and deep muscle relaxation, you will be gently guided through the layers of ego into the "Zone" of infinite peace and power that I call our Source or "Energy Self." In this deeper part of our consciousness we connect with infinite, healing energy, power and peace. Many find this deeper zone of consciousness only after great suffering and a severe loss of energy (like a near death experience) that finally forces a total surrender of control, all very painful and fearful. These meditation exercises provide a more gentle path into this same "Zone." If you remain skeptical about the existance of a healing energy field or zone deep within your consciousness, remember that a medical doctor only sets a broken bone into a cast. By doing so, he puts the broken bone to rest, where, in the stillness, an unexplained and powerful, healing, energy miraculously works to fully repair the break. By placing your thinking mind to rest, in the stillness, is it not very likely that this same healing energy field or zone can also repair your mental and emotional body? Since you can only come to find and trust this truth through EXPERIENCE, I encourage you to try these exercises before you turn away in doubt and disbelief. Through my personal experience, I have come to trust fully in this powerful healing energy we carry deep within us.

These exercises, if patiently practised without expectation and desire, will eventually move you beneath the ego self into a sense of deep peace, power, joy and gratitude. This "Zone" of infinite peace and power, is our Real Identity. Identifying with our ego is like identifying with our car. It is only a temporary and very vulnerable vehicle, the way we transport our Eternal or Soul Self through this world, for a short time, to explore and learn our lessons here. A "Course In Miracles," says simply, that nothing we seek for in this world can bring us real peace because everthing in it changes and ends in death. Lasting Peace lies deep within our own consciousness, beneath the layers of our fear-based ego, far beyond the grasp of our five senses and thinking mind. This is our Soul Consciousness, our Eternal Self. We find this part of our identity only when we give up our outward striving and relax our defences. Then, through stillness and surrender, we can move down through the layers of our fear-based ego, our mind, body, emotion self, into the peace, power and joy of our Eternal, Energy, or Soul-Self.

You need not believe, understand or accept these ideas. In fact, your ego mind will most likely actively fight against them. If, however, you have been seeking more peace, power, joy and freedom from pain and fear in your life, without success, I ask only that you try these "Meditation Exercises," along with the other exercises presented in this "Peak Recovery" program, for at least one month. Then, judge their validity from your OWN EXPERIENCE. You will, I believe, find a significant shift in the level of peace and freedom from pain and fear you begin to experience. Contact me if you would like to receive CD(s) of these "Meditation Exercises" in "wav" format that will play on any CD player. Specify which exercise you wish sent.

David Ott, M.Ed.
"Peak Zone" Meditation
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