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Peak Recovery Program Feedback
·Gave me the feeling we’re all the same which is helpful, visuals where very helpful*
·Liked it for understanding ego; liked visuals*
·Fear, center of negative behaviors, helps understanding – confirms what I know*
·Found Deep Relaxation or Zone Exercise, really helpful; liked it instead of always having power point*
·Found David inspirational, he even kept the “book ends” awake
·Got a lot out of the guy*
·Found personal association with presentation; excellent presentation*
·Reconfirmed personal knowledge; he’s an asset to the Orchard program, supportive to the 12 steps
·Able to put “God” or Jesus in good non-threatening, neutral way – didn’t do dogma really good presentation
·Got an ahah moment out of the seminar*
·He took advantage of a teachable moment, was able to be flexible with the group
·What he says and teaches has practical application*
·Would have enjoyed it as a full-day seminar*
·Really, really good*
·Enjoyed seminar
General Comments:
There was not one negative piece of feedback. Everyone had a personal experience within the seminar, which they indicate to be powerful for them. He was excellent. They saw his passion and found him inspirational. His Peak Recovery presentation seemed well suited for the Orchard’s program. Sent from: Sue Noble, Counsellor, Orchard Recovery Centre, Bowen Island, BC.

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June 2, 2005
Dear David

I hope you arrived home safely and that all is well. I am writing to tell you once again what a valuable contribution that you made to our group. Your dedication to each individual in facilitating his/her healing was stellar. So many reported breakthroughs in places where they were stuck. You joined with them with love and compassion, always calling on Spirit, and thus miracles abounded. You offered us a clear channel for grace to pour through you. Thank you for spending this time with our group and in sharing your healing gifts.

Love, Sarah Huemmert, CIM Group Leader, Edmonton, AB. Canada (780) 481-6376


Dear David, June 3, 2005

I wanted to thank you again for your journey to Edmonton. Your workshop "Heal And Awaken to Spirit" helped me become very aware of some of my old baggage and how to release it. As a CIM student I saw new ways to use CIM concepts to heal along with the use of old and new ideas to use in my healing process. I found the ideas in this workshop extremely universal!

Your method of teaching was gratifying and it was exciting to witness the miracles that took place. I have been to many workshops over the years but yours was Spiritually Enlightening. The whole group was uplifted together. You are blessed with the talent to help heal souls. You are an inspiration for me in my time of trouble and I truly enjoyed the experience.

Take care, R.J. M., President / CEO, Edmonton, AB


Dear David, May 30, 2005

This card says it all – after a weekend like the one we (as a group shared) with you … there is no going back! In this illusion we call “Life,” I was sitting at that crossroad – wondering if I had made the right choices…stuck in my emotions – blocked by my fears.

With your help I was able to get through the fear to the pain where the healing needed to begin, instead of being stuck in the emotion – as I had been for years.

For me, taking the “why” out of the equation seemed to take away the ego’s power making the process of “Authentic Forgiveness” easier. Of all the people I've met since being part of the ACIM group, David Hoffmeister and company, Gary Renard, they were all great but not someone I was comfortable with being as open as with you. Thanks being you. I know I still have work to do but now I have the knowledge and the tools to succeed. Thank you, David.

With much gratitude, L.M., Edmonton, AB

David, May 31, 2005
I felt it was a beautiful process to surrender to the Holy Spirit and Jesus in releasing our pain. What a transformational weekend for all! It rings so true to incorporate ACIM in emotional healing. Keep up the good work.

It was beautiful to dance with you in Love and Light. I realize in the Holy Encounter and expression of unconditional love there is no rejection. I honour God's Beauty and Light in you forever.

Love and Blessings, J. H.

Dear David, June 12, 2005

Another thank you David, so much! Just recently I came to use my new skill sets. Out loud, I walked myself through my feelings one by one, until it came out -the root feeling/fear and I cried through my tears joyfully. Your
shared knowledge and truth will forever be appreciated. Thank You for teaching me to Surrender.

Graciously, E. D., Edmonton AB


Hi David, June 3, 2005

What a GREAT weekend. I truly believe I witnessed Miracles! How fortunate for our study group to have experienced these breakthroughs in our lives. I did not think I had any big issue to deal with in my life. But
because we are such a close knit group of individuals studying A Course In Miracles for the past three years or more, I was certain I wanted to be a part of this experience. There were several people present who had some
major breakthroughs, which was a joy to witness. I truly felt the Holy Spirit working in and through us as you so gently and confidently invited Spirit in. I too had an insight about myself that I thought had been dealt with.
Thank You ! For the first time in my life I experienced a glimpse of what oneness is like.

With love and light, A. M. Edmonton, AB


Hi David, June 5, 2005

I am responding to your request for feedback a week after the workshop as this time has allowed me to reflect on what changes I will be making in my approach to the illusion or life

Overall, I have felt much lighter since the workshop. My need for sleep has decreased and I am less fatigued. I am able to put some efforts into making a plan for recover and to get back on my feet. This is big as previously I had little faith or hope that I could do this. The workshop also allowed me to get closer to my beloved course fellows as well. We really are a very loving group and are there to support each other in working through beliefs and judgments that do not serve us well. You fit in well with our group

I also appreciate that you were very upfront about you own life. This helped me see you as another course students as well. We all have struggled in life and I have repeatedly found that I learn much from others sharing their struggles and how they dealt with them. Being upfront about your own issues helped to disarm me as I was quickly able to see you as a genuine, authentic human being committed to living course principles.

I also appreciated your firm insistence that we need to go through a process or process emotions in order to reach course peace. I have been so frustrated that I was not able to simply do this and I was really convinced that there was some defect in me because I could not. I really needed my emotions to be validated in order for me to heal them.

I have attended many course workshops and retreats and have been repeatedly surprised at the emphasis that we can let pain(s) go in a second/moment. This is true, however, there needs to be a fair amount of processing before this can happen. I am grateful that you acknowledge this, and that you will continue to offer assistance to course students to process the difficult emotions so that they can achieve their joyful moment of release.

I hope you continue your course work in helping course student process difficult events and reach the promise of peace that the course offers. You are filling a need that in my mind is greatly needed in the course community. I have repeatedly seem that many people are turned on by the promises of the course, but leave the course as they find the course too idealistic to apply in their own lives. The course can be practical and I thank you for helping bring the course promises to fruition in my own life.

Love and Blessings, L. S., Edmonton, AB



Hi David,
I wanted to acknowledge you again for your presence and
contribution to our experience. You created and held a space for us during
the meditation that was conducive to the healing journey we are all on. For
myself personally it was a solid reminder of the Truth, and I was able to
deepen into trusting in the process. I have been learning to let go and
allow the unfolding (relaxing into the divine feminine) as opposed to
forcing outcomes. I know that my future includes the opening of a retreat
centre and last weekend was useful for me to realign myself with that
vision. I feel our paths as fellow light beings may cross again, and if not, know
you are making the difference that you are here to manifest.
Cheers, L.


"I loved the meditation by David. The meditation was extremely powerful, his
voice was soothing and comforting, and created a space of openness and
acceptance that was perfect for setting the stage for healing. The merging
of bioenergetics with mindfulness powerfully led me into deep inner journey
towards peace and full mental/physical relaxation. I also found him to be
extremely intuitive and insightful with all of the goddesses in our group."
  1. T.G.


Thank you so much for this weekend. The feedback from the girls over the
weekend and since the weekend has been beautiful. Each one of the girls had
the release and breakthrough they needed on our Goddess weekend and large part
of that we can attribute to you. You gave us a beautiful space to be honest in
and it allowed L. and I to be truly present and do some releasing as well,
something, which would have been harder if we had led the meditation.

For me personally, I was able to really see how much I hold space for others to
heal but rarely allow myself the same courtesy. The transition since the
weekend is still happening and as I release more and more, your words of wisdom
have been coming back to me and giving me comfort.

I really appreciate your generosity in giving your time to our group as well as
your willingness to be totally present and open and honest with us. I see
great growth and power in your own willingness to heal and explore your
personal lessons on this earth, and admire that you are following your divine
mission in this lifetime.

Keep walking the path with light; your work makes a difference and the ripples
of light you send out help to change the vibration of the planet.

Love and light, J.B.

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